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Vision, Mission & Values
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Our Mission

To reduce re-traumatisation by adopting a trauma informed approach in our policies, procedures and practice.

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Our Vision

Place of Progress’ vision is of a society where those accessing services are treated with dignity, compassion and respect by all those they come into contact with.


Our Ethos

 The values and principles of Place of Progress are reflected through the practices of our staff so that our young people are treated with respect, understanding and support in order for them to feel empowered to achieve their objective to live independently.

Our Values
Perseverance – never giving up on people
We are committed to working with children and young people who are often seen as too complex for other services, are deprived of the time and investment required to achieve positive outcomes and may have experience previous placement break downs. We know that our aims can be best met through collaboration with other agencies and foster partnerships to achieve this.
Optimism – high aspirations and expectations for all
We believe that everyone can achieve goals if afforded the right environment and opportunities and therefore set high aspirations and expectations for all of our services users, treating them with dignity and respect. Building up their skills, capabilities and positive social networks, can prevent needs increasing leading to more acute and costly services. We take individual needs and capabilities into account and tailor our support accordingly.

Professional, skilled and compassionate
All staff working for Place of Progress, whether paid or voluntary, are committed to working professionally, with compassion, prepared to challenge, but also nurture. All of our teams are educated, skilled and well trained to provide safe and therapeutic environments. Staff are trusted to make decisions in the best interest of the individual.
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